Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I join the club?

A. Our club members receive a unique tee each month! The club tee is offered to our club members ONLY at a discounted rate. Our club shirts run true to size and is a super soft tee! 

Q. Do you all do long sleeve tees in the club?

A. We always do a short sleeve tee because not everyone lives in an area where it gets cold. 

Q. How much are membership prices?

A. Basic-25$ This includes a T-shirt shipped right to your door!

Plus Membership- 35$ This includes the T-Shirt PLUS and accessory! Both shipped right to your door.

Q. When will I receive my shirt?

A. You will receive your shirt at the end of the month! For example: You order the October shirt and it will come during the last week of October. Please allow a few days leeway for shipping purposes, sometimes it takes the post office a while longer especially if it is during a holiday. 

Q. When is the club open?

A. It varies! However if you cannot join the club because it is closed join the waitlist!

Q. What is the waitlist?

A. You can join the waitlist by texting “WAITLIST” to 270-456-4177! When you join the waitlist you get a text when the club goes active on the website to remind you to join or unpause.

Q. How do I Change my size?

A. You can change your size at anytime before your shirt ships. Please contact customer service at

Q. How does the sizing run?

A. Our shirts run true to size. So order your normal size, and if you ever need to change let customer service know!

Q. What if my items are damaged or lost?

A. For damaged or lost items please contact customer service at or you can message us on our Facebook page! Please include a description/picture of what was wrong with the item.

Q. What is your cancellation Policy?

A. Cancellation must occur before the end of the month. Any payment received after the first of each month will not be refunded. No exceptions!